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What is the Texas InfoSec Academy?



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What is the Texas InfoSec Academy? 

The Texas InfoSec Academy launched May 21,2018 and provides industry standard cybersecurity certification and recently added application developer courses, as well as exam certification vouchers to information technology staff at state agencies and public institutions of higher education.  The courses and certifications are at no cost to eligible customers. 

We are proud to be able to cover the costs of these certifications for the State of Texas and highly encourage security staff seeking to expand their skills to apply. 

In addition to the training offered by Learning Tree, DIR has created a Texas Policy & Assurance Course. The Texas Security Policy & Assurance course is designed to prepare security staff to apply the state rules regarding information security within state agencies or institutions of higher education to enable better support of customers and the citizens of Texas.  

The course includes modules on Texas rules and relevant cybersecurity legislation, the Texas Cybersecurity Framework, information security plans, and reporting requirements. All Texas InfoSec Academy attendees are required to take this course. 


Texas InfoSec Academy security courses and certifications are available at no cost to state agencies, community colleges, and public institutions of higher education.  Enrollment in a course will require the approval of the registrant's Information Security Officer and are subject to certain limitations.  We are proud to be able to cover the costs of these courses and certifications for the State of Texas and highly encourage staff seeking to expand their skills to apply.  

Individuals searching for courses offered by the Texas InfoSec Academy that are not employed at an eligible customer can find competitively priced security trainings through the DIR Cooperative Contracts program. 


Security staff interested in participating in the Texas InfoSec Academy should register on the Texas InfoSec Academy website.  Registered users can then view course descriptions, schedules, and apply to enroll in their desired certification courses.  The agency information security officer will then receive notification of your request and work with our office to finalize your registration. 

Access the InfoSec Academy Portal

Click the link below to view current course listings, schedules, and apply to register for courses through the Academy. 

In this section, you'll find the most frequently asked questions about the InfoSec Academy. Browse this content for answers. If you still have questions, send us an email: [email protected].


ISA is designed to provide training for cybersecurity staff from state agencies and institutions of higher education (IHE) – and as of September 1, junior colleges are also eligible entities.  Participants should be employed in positions encompassing cybersecurity, and all participants must receive approval from their organization’s CISO/ISO before registration will be confirmed.  


NOTE: Learning Tree will honor the same pricing that it offers DIR for entities who are ineligible for the DIR ISA funded courses.  

All course registrations are completed through the DIR portal, which can be found on the Texas InfoSec Academy Website; from there you can create a login, read about and register for courses.  Registration is not official until it is approved by your organization’s CISO/ISO, and DIR.  If you have any trouble with your registration you may contact [email protected], or for assistance. 

Each participant should be employed in a position that encompasses cybersecurity or application development.  All participants must be approved by their organization’s ISO/CISO before registration is confirmed.  

Each organization can send participants representing 10-20% of their security staff population. Percentage is determined based on the size of the security staff.  This is to ensure we can provide training to as many organizations as possible.  We continuously monitor available funds, and we will allow additional participants as funds allow. 

If an organization would like to train more than 10-20% of their staff, the organization would be responsible for the cost of the certification course and exam voucher for those participants.  Learning Tree will honor the same pricing that it offers DIR. As funding permits, we may possibly open the attendance to more individuals. 

Participants can take no more than one course per fiscal year; however, this does not guarantee a participant can take one course every fiscal year.  There are a variety of factors that determine additional course participation.  The most important being budget and the ability to certify security professionals statewide.  These factors are not limited to a single fiscal year.  If there was not enough budget in a fiscal year for some organization participants to enroll, DIR wants to ensure they have the opportunity in the following fiscal year. 

Yes, participants can sign up to be added to the wait list, please contact [email protected].  DIR is continually monitoring the availability of funds and demand; we have started allowing those on the waitlist to sign up for a second class.  If you are added to the wait list, it does not guarantee a participate to take a second course. 


DIR covers the cost of the certification preparation course and the associated exam voucher, per individual, per approved course; this does not guarantee a participant can take one course every fiscal year.  All materials needed to take the course are included, exam vouchers are optional. DIR also covers the cost for participants to take the updated Texas Policy and Assurance Course. 

No, membership fees to professional organizations are the responsibility of the participant, or the participant’s organization if a program or budget is in place to do so.  This includes any certification maintenance fees required after a certification is obtained. 


Yes, Learning Tree’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy allows participants to retake their course, within 3 months of the first attendance, at no additional cost to DIR or the participants agency.  This timeframe ensures a participant can still take the exam, should the participant choose that option, in the allotted period. 


Participants are not required to take certification exams and do not need to request exam vouchers if they are unsure of their ability to pass the certification exam, or do not meet the qualifications needed to obtain the certification. 

Exam vouchers can be requested directly through the DIR portal. Log-in and select My Courses- click View, Scroll down to Industry Certification Exam Info. Make sure to request the exam voucher before the expiration date indicated. After an exam voucher is requested, an email should be received within a few hours, from Learning Tree, with the voucher number and instructions on how to register for the exam. If you have any questions, please contact  


Participants have one month from the date of completion of their certification course to request an exam voucher. 

Participants have four months from the date of completion of their certification course to use their exam voucher. 

If you decide to not use the voucher within the allotted time (the four months given), contact [email protected] for assistance. Failure to communicate can result in removal of participation for additional courses.  Participant's organization may also be responsible for fees associated with lost vouchers. 

Immediately contact [email protected], or for assistance.  Participants may cancel or reschedule their course, without any penalties, if notice is given at least 14 calendar days prior to the start of the participant’s course. 


NOTE: If notice given is less than 14 calendar days, a penalty of 50% of the cost of the course will be applied to the participant’s organization, unless the participant can find an approved replacement to attend the course. 

If a participant cancels less than 14 calendar days prior to the start of their ISA course, a penalty fee of 50% of the cost of the course, will be charged to the participant’s agency.  For examples, the ISA course is $1000.  If a participant cancels less than 14 calendar days prior to the start of the course, that participant’s agency will be responsible for paying $500.  

DIR will provide one exam voucher per participant.  If a participant does not pass the exam, the participant, or participant’s organization, will be responsible for exam retake costs. 

All ISA participants are required to first take the Texas Policy and Assurance Course before taking a certification preparation course.  The course is offered as a Computer-Based Training (CBT), although DIR may host live, instructor-led training in the future.  In addition, certifying bodies place requirements on their certifications – those requirements may vary from certification to certification.  Participants are responsible for meeting the requirements to become successfully certified after they pass the test. 

DIR will update the course based on new legislation.  

Yes, DIR covers the cost for the Policy and Assurance course. 

If a participant, for whatever reason, is no longer able to attend the course, the materials sent from Learning Tree or certifying body will need to be returned immediately. Questions regarding the process can be directed to  


DIR has a cooperative contract with Learning Tree that provides other trainings and courses.  Participants may opt to take courses offered through the cooperative contract; however, the participant’s agency will be response for funding the course. For addition information contact


No. ISA maintains that participants may only take one course per fiscal year.  This includes the Intro to Network and System Security course, which is designed for new security staff or staff are transition into security from another role.  


No, there is no limit for attendance.  The policy and Assurance course is available, at no cost to the organization, to all security staff approved by the ISO.  This is only applicable for Policy and Assurance course. 


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