Security Awareness Training

End-user training is a program designed to educate end-users throughout any organization about security awareness and compliance. This is a resource that bolsters Texas public sector information security awareness programs.  

Phishing Simulations help an organization understand its susceptibility to a variety of phishing attacks.

DIR’s Office of the Chief Information Security Officer (OCISO) provides both end-user security awareness training and phishing simulation services to state agencies, community colleges, and public institutions of higher education. Seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

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End User Security Awareness Training FAQs

See frequently asked questions regarding end user security awareness training below or download the FAQ document here:

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Last Updated: 11-08-2022

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding End User Security Awareness Training

Texas state agencies, institutions of higher education (IHE), and as of September 1, public junior colleges are also eligible entities.

Services became available on February 10, 2022

DIR will fund the cost of these services for state agencies, institutions of higher education, and public junior colleges in the state of Texas.

Complete and submit a Proofpoint End-User Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations License Request form. DIR and Proofpoint will be notified of the request and the identified administrators will be added. The first admin added to the system will receive an email notification from “[email protected]” with instructions on how to access the platform.

If you experience any issues with accessing the platform, email [email protected].

The PSAT platform has a user community, accessible from the top right corner of your home page.

DIR has 200,000 licenses available on a first come, first serve basis. If the need for licenses exceeds that amount, DIR does have the ability to add seats to help meet the demand. 

No, a single license per user has access to all services available on the platform.

You can add users at any time. Either one at a time via bulk CSV upload, or with AD/Azure Sync.

Yes. Proofpoint supports automated user management via AD/Azure & SSO for authentication.

This is a DIR funded service. You may request licenses to familiarize yourself with the content and administration of the PSAT services and add additional licenses later if you choose to expand your usage. It may be useful to request a small number of licenses so several individuals may participate.

Yes, Proofpoint will send threat alerts via email as they see trending threats in the wild. These are typically sent weekly/biweekly. Other emails to administrators and customers as security related events are scheduled. Proofpoint also administers a Threat Research Blog:

Proofpoint training is certified by DIR. The minimum requirements to meet the mandatory training standards can be found on DIR’s website: FY21-22 Certified Training Programs V11.docx (

Today, Proofpoint offers 356 training modules. You will also have access to new modules as they are released.

The average module takes about 7 minutes to complete. However, Proofpoint offers modules of various lengths, from 1-2 minutes up to 20+ minutes in length.

You will have access to all modules available at the time your platform is provisioned, and new modules created in future releases. The platform accommodates multiple concurrent training assignments and phishing simulations.

New training content is added on the second Tuesday of every month. There is a blue alert badge in the bottom left corner of your training platform that also updates you when new features and content is released.

Training content can be previewed within the Proofpoint platform, before assigning to your end users.

Yes, Proofpoint offers content in 40 languages, including English and Spanish.

Proofpoint offers live user enrollment reports showing who hasn’t stared, who is in progress, and who has completed the training assignment. Phishing simulation metrics, knowledge assessment and training scores, and training completion rates are also readily available.

Yes, if you include user property details like the Manager Email Address, you can send managers reports for their employees. You may also cc and bcc managers on training reminder notifications.

Proofpoint has 157 customizable training modules that allow you to edit text, images, quiz questions, and add/delete content.

Yes, Proofpoint modules are available in SCORM format. They can be exported from your platform and uploaded to your LMS.

If you are currently using Proofpoint under another contract, there are two scenarios to consider:

  1. If you are currently only using the PSAT product (what DIR is funding under this contract), you can move under this contract and may add your users utilizing the bulk load method. You will also need to populate this new account with any specialized campaigns you had created.
  2. If you are currently using or have purchased Proofpoint services other than PSAT and you want to keep those additional features, you would need to continue under your current contract as unbundling your Proofpoint services will most likely increase your costs.

Yes, PSAT integrates with Workday. You can download training modules in a SCORM format and upload the files into Workday for use.

No. You can use the phishing simulation tool as often as you like. PSAT has over 1,300 templates available that can all be customized. You can also create your own templates.

Yes. This information will be provided with the onboarding guide documentation.

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