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DIR Customers receive at least the minimum discount negotiated under a Bulk Purchase Agreement, regardless of the volume purchased by the customer.

Bulk purchases are not subject to competition or purchasing threshold limitations, otherwise in effect when using DIR Cooperative Contracts.

Look for huge savings on productivity software, business intelligence software, multi-function devices (MFD), managed print services (MPS), or enterprise content management (ECM) solutions through DIR! You do not need to buy in bulk to purchase through the DIR Bulk Purchase Program.  Bulk Purchases are coordinated by DIR where at least two or more eligible customers have requested to buy a product (TGC 2157.068 & 2157.068 e-3).

Customer Eligibility

DIR serves a wide range of customers. However, before buying through DIR, learn more about your agency's eligibility to purchase through DIR.

Through the use of DIR Cooperative Contracts, our goal is to maximize cost savings by leveraging combined volume to drive down purchasing costs while providing options to meet individual agency technology requirements.

FY 2021 and 2022 Total Purchases and Resulting Savings:

Segment # of Participating Customers Purchase Total Savings Total
State Agency 25 $54,039,106 $17,086,957
Local Government 5 $552,641 $515,500
Higher Ed 2 $346,526 $399,825
Total 32 $54,938,273 $18,002,282


Current Bulk Purchase Opportunities

See below for current bulk purchase initiatives that are available. Please check back often for new opportunities.

SHI Hardware and Peripherals DIR-TSO-5237

HP Hardware and Peripherals DIR-TSO-4159

Dell Hardware and Peripherals DIR-TSO-3763


See below for the annual Legislative Budget Board (LBB) Bulk Purchase Initiative report.

.pdf (304.88 KB)
Last Updated: 12-01-2022

Report to the Legislative Budget Board in accordance with Senate Bill 1 (87R), Article IX, Rider 9.04 (d) of the General Appropriations Act.

.pdf (266.92 KB)
Last Updated: 01-12-2023

Cost Savings Achieved for State Agencies and other Eligible DIR Cooperative Contracts Program Customers

Buying Through DIR
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Find out what IT hardware, software and services are available through a Bulk Purchase (BP) initiative.

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