Schedule of Solicitation Opportunities

Annually (each September) DIR updates the procurement schedule of solicitation opportunities of all planned procurements for the coming fiscal year.

Please note that all planned procurements are subject to change and all dates are approximate and subject to change without notice. Check this page often for updates. 

Note: This page has formerly been referred to as the Current Contracting Initiatives (CCI)).

All Solicitations are also posted and maintained on the Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD).

DIR conducts procurements for Cooperative Contracts (CC), Shared Technology Services (STS), Communications Technology Services (CTS), and Internal (I) DIR purchases.

If you have questions about any of the procurements listed here, you may only contact the point of contact shown for the particular procurement. Failure to abide by this requirement may affect your eligibility for an award.

Have a suggestion for a Solicitation for DIR to explore?

In order to better serve your agency, we encourage you to utilize the New Product and/or Service Request form to identify an existing or future need that DIR may be able to offer through a statewide contract.

Planning Phase

Disclaimer: Solicitations in the Planning Phase are in development and not guaranteed to move beyond the Planning Phase.

Find out more about upcoming Solicitations that are being developed but have not been released for Vendor responses. Check this list often to get a better idea of the types of products and services DIR is seeking to solicit.

List of Solicitations in the Planning Phase: 


Vendors may submit a response for any hardware peripherals, components and related services offered by the Vendor. Hardware Components – an information technology device that is typically an internal attachment, which has an essential function and purpose to assist in the design of a computer or other type of IT hardware equipment. Examples of such devices would be memory, hard drives, or video cards. Hardware Peripherals – an information technology device that is typically an external attachment, which is not part of the essential make-up or design of a computer or other type of IT equipment but assists the main IT device in its function. Examples of such devices would be a keyboard, mouse, or speakers.

  • Start Date: ​January 2021

  • Solicitation Release Date: September 2021

  • DIR Contact: Monica Presson


​The resulting Cloud Services Contracts awarded pursuant to this RFO will provide DIR Customers with access to cloud service models such as: Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS), Cloud Broker, Miscellaneous as a Service (MaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS). Deployment models include: Private Cloud, Community Cloud, Public Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud.

  • Start Date: February 2021

  • Solicitation Release Date: October 2021

  • DIR Contact: Jared Fortenberry


This solicitation is for All Apple Branded Products including, but is not limited to, desktops, laptops, tablets, peripherals, accessories, and software products manufactured, distributed, or licensed under the Apple brand name and related services. Third Party Products may be proposed as an option and will be awarded at the discretion of DIR. Third Party Products are those hardware, peripherals, accessories and software by other manufacturers or publishers that may be used as an attachment or embedded within an Apple device to create, enhance or extend the functionality of the Apple branded device; or to create, enhance or extend the functionality of the Authorized Third Party Product which release on an Apple device platform to function.

  • Start Date: ​March 2021

  • Solicitation Release Date: September 2021

  • DIR Contact: ​​Jared Fortenberry


​Procurement of a software tool that would provide procurement management, as well as contract management functions.

  • Start Date: December 2020

  • Solicitation Release Date: August 2021

  • DIR Contact: ​​Jennifer Tram


Contingent on Market Research results, potential services - used to augment DIR resources - may include any of the following areas: industry expertise, procurement project management, transition assistance, and financial planning. 

  • Start Date: October 2020

  • Solicitation Release Date: February 2021

  • DIR Contact: ​​Jennifer Tram

Pre-solicitation Notices, Requests for Information, Request for Comments Phase

These are upcoming Solicitations that are being developed but have not been released. Check this list often to get a better idea of the types of products and services DIR is looking for.

List of Solicitations in the Pre-Solicitation Phase:

None at this time.

Posting Phase

These Solicitations are currently active. Vendors are able to submit responses until the deadline. Pre-Solicitation conferences are posted on the DIR calendar.

BidStamp Application

The BidStamp application is DIR’s e-procurement system that supports solicitations and contracts throughout the procurement lifecycle by automating the procurement processes, e.g., solicitation creation and posting, collecting vendor responses, evaluation of responses and recommendations, and contract creation, award, and management.


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Last Updated: 01-20-2021

List of Solicitations in the Posting Phase: 


The purpose of this solicitation is to provide technology-based recording equipment, software, conferencing products, and related services. Technology based recording equipment, software and related services are used for digitally recording, posting, playing back, annotating, searching, indexing, archiving, storing and managing recordings, including but not limited to, recordings of court proceedings, depositions, administrative hearings, law enforcement activities, and meetings. Technology based conferencing products includes, but is not limited to, audio, video and web conferencing equipment and related services (installation, warranty, maintenance and support, etc.) as well as conferencing software. This RFO is not for telecommunications services that support audio and video conferencing.


The objective of this Request for Offer (RFO) is to solicit Responses from potential Respondents to provide Artificial Intelligence (AI) based information technology to the State of Texas and Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Customers, acting by and through DIR. DIR is NOT soliciting AI for DIR.


This solicitation is for products and service that assist in helping Texas agency and institutions of higher education organizations comply with the Accessibility Standards defined in the Texas Administrative Codes as applicable. Potential Vendors may propose any Accessibility IT Hardware, Software, including Software as a Service (SaaS), Related Services, and Services that may be currently available in today’s market.

Evaluation Phase

DIR is currently evaluating responsive vendors’ proposals and no longer accepting responses from the vendor community.

Solicitation Solicitation Number Start Date End Date DIR Contact
​Deliverables-Based Information Technology Services (DBITS) DIR-CPO-TMP-553 August 2021 September 2021 Colleen Berkley
Microsoft Master Services Agreement DIR-CPO-TMP-557 July 2021 September 2021 Stephanie Harrison
Technology Based Training, including Instructor-led Training for Technology DIR-CPO-TMP-560 September 2021 October 2021 Jared Fortenberry

Negotiation Phase

DIR is currently negotiating with responsive vendors and no longer accepting responses from the vendor community.

Solicitation Solicitation Number Start Date End Date Contact
Lenovo Branded Products and Related Services DIR-CPO-TMP-554 August 2021 December 2021 Doug Leach
Cybersecurity Products and Services (Formerly IT Security, Hardware, Software and Related Services) DIR-CPO-TMP-550 August 2021 February 2022 Pete Casals
​Cabling Services and Related Products DIR-CPO-TMP-551 April 2021 September 2021 Stephanie Harrison
End-User IT Outsourcing ​DIR-CPO-TMP-442 February 2021 September 2021 Stephanie Harrison
Education IT Products and Services DIR-TSO-TMP-424 October 2019 September 2021 Stephanie Harrison
Managed Print Services, Copiers, Printers, 3D and Scanning Equipment and Related Services, Document Imaging, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Products and Software and Services DIR-TSO-TMP-419 February 2019 October 2021 Stephanie Harrison
Data Storage, Data  Communications & Network Equipment and Related Services DIR-TSO-TMP-422 July 2018 September 2021 Stephanie Harrison
​Google Branded Products and Services ​DIR-TSO-TMP-411 February 2018 August 2021 Stephanie Harrison
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Hardware, Software, and Services and Information Technology (IT) Based Surveying Hardware, Software and Related Services ​​DIR-CPO-TMP-444 June 2020 October 2021 Pete Casals
​Law Enforcement, Surveillance and Security Monitoring, Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Recovery Technology Products and Services ​DIR-CPO-TMP-443 July 2020 December 2021 Stephanie Harrison
​SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS (Augmenting DIR-TSO-TMP-416) DIR-CPO-TMP-449 May 1, 2020 TBD Colleen Berkley
TEX-AN 2021: Communications Technology Offerings DIR-CPO-TMP-552 August 2021 February 2022 Sarah Noel


Vendor Protest Procedures

The Vendor Protest Procedures page is provided to Vendors for step-by-step instructions for formal protest during solicitation, evaluation, or award of a contract by the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR). This Vendor Protest SOP should be read in conjunction with 1 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 201, General Administration, §201.1 (a) (1 TAC 201.1 (a)).

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