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Exemption Requests for State Agencies

State Agencies are required to purchase through DIR (TGC 2157.068), however, certain purchases may be exempt depending on the purchase and the program area the purchase would be made under (Cooperative Contracts, Communications Technology Services (CTS), or Shared Technology Services (STS)).

What is an exemption request? 

An exemption request is a waiver for a state agency to purchase IT hardware/software and other technology services through an alternative channel other than DIR. 

Agencies should file the exemption request as soon as they have sufficient justification. Exemption requests must be approved by DIR before awarding purchases outside of DIR contracts.

These do not generally qualify for exemptions:

  • Procurement already executed (i.e., exemptions must be filed before purchase)
  • Hardware/software/technology service currently offered through a DIR contract 
  • For DIR Cooperative Contracts exemptions, product or service valued at no more than $10,000 or exceeds $10 million 

Reasons for Filing Exemption Request

Generally, reasons for filing an exemption request are because the product or service: 

  • Cannot be found on a DIR contract, or
  • Does not meet the needs of the agency, or
  • Is not compatible with the existing technology infrastructure of the agency.

Learn more about the types of exemption requests for State Agencies below.

Note: The Cooperative Contracts and Data Center Services programs are governed by separate government code, and therefore have unique exemption requirements. Agencies within the DCS program are required to have approved DCS exemptions in addition to any exemptions that may be needed or may have already been approved through the DIR Cooperative Contracts program.

Submitting Exemption requests for DIR approval depends on the type of request. Review the exemption types below based on your purchase request and whether an exemption request is required to be submitted.

Learn more about types of Exemption Requests

State Agencies must adhere to processes depending on the purchase type. Please review the cards below to learn more about each Exemption type.

Cooperative Contracts - Blanket Exemptions
First, review the current list of Blanket Exemptions (Ongoing or Expiring) that do not need a formal exemption request for approval from DIR
Cooperative Contracts - Blanket Exemptions
Cooperative Contracts - One-Time Exemption Requests
Exemptions not covered by Blanket Exemptions must be submitted to DIR for review through a One-Time Exemption
Cooperative Contracts - One-Time Exemption Requests
Cooperative Contracts - Certification for Purchase Through Local Cooperatives
Less commonly used, but a State Agency may request for certification to use a Local Cooperative contract to be exempt from purchasing through DIR
Cooperative Contracts - Certification for Purchase Through Local Cooperatives Exemption Requests
Learn more about Exemption Requests about the program within STS Exemption Requests
CTS (Communications Technology Services) Exemption Requests
State agencies that wish to purchase communications services through non-TEX-AN vendors should submit an exemption request
CTS (Communications Technology Services) Exemption Requests
DCS (Data Center Services) Exemption Requests
Designated customers listed to use services in the DCS program can submit an exemption
DCS (Data Center Services) Exemption Requests

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