DIR Contracts Available for Disaster Readiness

September 5, 2019
DIR News
Procurement Notices
The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) provides a cooperative purchasing program for technology products and services, including disaster readiness products and services for out-of-state entities in the path of Hurricane Dorian.

DIR's Cooperative Contracts is a cooperative purchasing program for technology products and services operated by DIR on behalf of the state of Texas. The procurement process has already been completed; vendors have responded and been awarded contracts through a competitively bid process and deeply discounted prices have been negotiated.

Out-of-state public entities are welcome to purchase from DIR through the Interlocal Cooperation Act, Section 791.025. Before purchasing any technology commodity, out-of-state public entities must have an executed Interstate Cooperation Contract (ICC). To view a list of state entities with an agreement in place with DIR and for more information on the process, please visit the DIR website page: Resources for Customers Outside of Texas.

Please direct any questions to Hershel Becker, Chief Procurement Officer, via email at [email protected] or at (512) 475-4617.

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