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What is the Open Data Portal?

What are the benefits of using the Open Data Portal?

What types of data are available on the Open Data Portal?

What is the Texas Open Data Portal (ODP)? 

The Texas Open Data Portal (ODP) is the official State of Texas repository for publicly accessible open data sets. The ODP allows state agencies and other eligible DIR customers to publish open, non-regulated/PII, data sets to a data-sharing catalog on a publicly accessible website.  

The ODP offers customers a secure data-sharing environment that improves efficiencies, reduces costs, increases transparency, and encourages greater engagement by Texans. 

What are the benefits of the Open Data Portal? 

The Open Data Portal (ODP) is a free service to Texas governmental entities and offers key value opportunities. Not only does the ODP allow constituents to self-serve their data consumption needs, but it also provides a pathway to redirect information requests by Texans. By reducing their overall public information requests through the ODP, Texas entities increase opportunity costs to focus on other core functions of their organization.

    Making Open Government Easy

    • Reduce public information requests by redirecting Texans to the ODP 

    • Self-service data consumption 

    • Transparency through open data 

    • Create data “stories” with visualizations and performance measures 

    • Embed data visualizations (charts, maps) into agency website 

    • Automatically update data 

    What data is available on the Open Data Portal?

    • Permits & Licensing 

    • Blockchain

    • Business & Economy 

    • Government & Taxes 

    • Social Services 

    • Transportation 

    • Agriculture 

    • Veteran 

    • Education 

    • Public Safety 

    • Energy and Environment 

    • Public Reports and Maps

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