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Security Monitoring

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What is Security Monitoring and Device Management? 

Security Monitoring services employ expertise and systems that provide proactive monitoring and alerting to help customers defend networks, devices, and computing platforms.  These services integrate log monitoring and analysis with threat analysis to help discover, identify, and analyze security threats to a customer’s unique IT environment.  Customized to meet each customer’s needs, these solutions provide new capabilities, expanded coverage, and/or specialized expertise designed to create, augment, or replace some or all SOC activities.  In addition, these services can be tailored to help customers meet internal, state, and federal regulatory requirements. 

Device Management services manage and monitor specific security-related systems. With these services, a customer will receive the desired security platform, installed in their environment, configured to meet their security needs. These systems will be monitored (for system health and utilization) and maintained (updated, patched, and configured to meet changing customer needs) throughout the life of the service. 

Benefits of Security Monitoring and Device Management  

  • Helps to defend your networks, devices, and computing platforms, enabling you to you deliver more effective security services. 
  • Helps you meet internal, state, and federal regulatory requirements. 
  • Helps to unlock key data –and integrate multiple information sources –to enable informed decisions and a holistic approach to your cybersecurity program. 

Managed Security Services is delivered through a contract between the Texas Department of Information Resources and AT&T. All DIR customers including state agencies, institutions of higher education, and local government entities are eligible to use the Managed Security Services contract. 

How to Order

Current STS Customers can request this service using the STS Service Catalog 

New STS Customers: If you are interested in this service, email DIR. A representative will contact you to discuss the options that best fit your business needs. 

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