Data Center Services Overview

The Texas Data Center Services program (DCS) allows state and local governmental entities (customers) to outsource management of technology infrastructure services. Customers receive the benefit of aggregated volume discounts by sharing technology services, while in turn receiving the “best in breed” technology services from competitively procured industry leading vendors. DCS provides secure connectivity to select public and private clouds designed around government security and disaster recovery requirements, and flexible service tiers to meet differing needs and budgets. Joining the program allows customers to delegate infrastructure management while increasing focus on delivering direct, mission-related value to their business users and clients.

Leveraging DCS services provides customers the peace of mind that their technology is being managed to the highest level of security standards and industry best practices. The DCS program offers unique value with “fit for purpose” solutions that leverage the benefits of customers sharing services: 

  • Independent security oversight and rigorous controls 

  • Best practice design architectures 

  • Secure public to private cloud network connectivity 

  • Economies of scale that benefit all agencies technologically as well as financially 

  • Best of the Industry standard service delivery models 

  • Managed services performed consistently across all environments. 


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Data Center Services include:

Technology Solution Services
Deciding what infrastructure hosting is right for your application can be challenging. We provide highly skilled architects to help find the solution.
Technology Solution Services
Texas Private Cloud
We offer Private Cloud hosting in highly secure CJIS compliant state data centers with disaster recovery built in.
Texas Private Cloud
Public Cloud Manager
Our Public Cloud management services provide unique security assurances and cost optimization benefits.
Public Cloud Manager
Application Services
Rounding out our infrastructure hosting services, you can outsource your application development and maintenance projects within the DCS program.
Application Services
Mainframe Services
We offer consumption based pricing for customers while you can focus on your modernization efforts.
Mainframe Services
Print, Mail, and Digitization
We not only print and mail millions of documents to Texans, we also offer digital print and document management solutions.
Print, Mail, and Digitization
Security Operations
We provide a consistent, modern, and flexible approach to cybersecurity services to protect your infrastructure systems.
Security Operations

The Need

Government entities face the same technology challenges as their private-sector counterparts: rising customer expectations, increasingly sophisticated security threats, and competition for skilled IT resources. In addition, government must also be open, transparent, and auditable. 

Compliance can be costly and directing resources toward these vital tasks can draw attention away from developing creative business solutions that build additional value for state citizens. 

Shared Services with Shared Governance 

Using an owner-operator governance model, customers retain control of strategic program direction while the service providers handle daily operations. 

The Solution

DCS was designed from the ground up with government security, budgetary and regulatory requirements in mind. The program offers outsourced management of complete end-to-end Information Technologies.

DIR also provides contract management and oversight functions for DCS contracts, including: 

  • Serving as a liaison and escalation point between customer agencies and the service providers
  • Interpreting the contracts on behalf of the state
  • Processing invoices and payments

DIR charges a fee of 2.75% of the customer’s monthly invoice (service provider charges) to recover costs associated with managing the program.


Learn more about the exemption process for DCS.

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