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The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) functions as a central resource for policy direction and the efficient implementation, procurement, and management of information technology (IT) within Texas government. Our job is to help state agencies, as well as local bodies of government, make informed decisions that allow them to use computer, Internet, telecommunications, and other technologies effectively, securely, economically, and in accordance with legislative mandates. We also facilitate the state’s official web portal, ( provides public services and information to Texas citizens, businesses, and state and local government entities.

Our pledge is that we will provide our customers information resources with the goal of improving state and local government service to the citizens of Texas. Furthermore, we pledge to be fiscally responsible, responsive to our customers, value-driven, and proactive in providing these resources.

Customer Service Principles

As part of our commitment to customer service, DIR will be:

  1. Fiscally Accountable. To support and optimize service delivery to our customers, we strive to acquire and deploy information resources efficiently and effectively.
  2. Responsive. DIR will respond conscientiously to customer needs, preferences, and priorities. Performance evaluations will be based on regular feedback from customers and employees, along with operations results. Employees are personally responsible for being results-oriented, performance-based, and customer-focused, and for providing feedback that holds their leaders, managers, and colleagues accountable for achieving excellence.
  3. Value-driven. Executive management, managers, and employees have an obligation to provide value and excellence to our customers. This requires each individual to be continually challenged to perform his or her best.
  4. Proactive. Our quality of service level is directly related to our level of process improvement. Critical processes are identified and made efficient and effective in anticipation of customer needs.

Customer Service Goals, Objectives, and Standards

We will manifest these principles by

  • Supporting and promoting efficient and effective use of information technology in state government
  • Providing timely and meaningful information on laws, rules, guidelines, and ongoing IT initiatives
  •  Being accountable and responsive to Texans by
    • Providing one-hour turnaround or acknowledgment of receipt on simple requests
    • Providing eight-hour turnaround or acknowledgment of receipt on more complex requests
    • Returning customer/vendor calls within one working day of receipt
    • Initiating complaint resolution within one working day of initial call
    • Resolving complaint or providing resolution processes for more complex implementation within one week of initial call
    • Completing software/hardware orders within 30 days
  • Communicating effectively by
    • Providing a website ( that has updated information regarding DIR, statewide IT initiatives, and related laws, rules, policies, and guidelines
    • Providing publications, brochures, and reports in printed form when requested
    • Providing press releases when appropriate



Please describe the issue you are having in as much detail as possible, including possible improvements for your experience with DIR. 
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A contact list of DIR employees and program areas, including name, mailing address, and telephone number, is provided on our website. Additionally, vendor protest procedures are posted on our website.

We will respond to all complaints directed against the agency within one business day. Resolution will be completed within one week.

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