Texas Cloud Tiger Team

The Texas Cloud Tiger Team was officially launched on March 29, 2019. The primary goal of this technically proficient "volunteer army" was to help accelerate cloud adoption through a new level of collaboration across process, people, and technology throughout the state. 

Overall, the Cloud Tiger Team has succeeded in establishing a new mindset among agencies to think "cloud first" for new applications and to reduce technology maintenance overhead.

The team is also working to help agencies collaborate and think out-of-the-box to develop a Center of Excellence (CoE). Together, through a private and public partnership, the Cloud Tiger Team is training agency employees to solution using real-life use cases. 

Whether it be a simple FAQ chat-bot or taking their enterprise case management system to the cloud, we approach it methodically and collaboratively.

  • Outstanding collaboration between DIR customers and the vendor community
  • A dedicated team of technology and solution experts helping agencies to fast track their cloud knowledge and journey
  • Limited Support Environment and sand box environments for Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS), along with the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Addressed over 30 real time use cases and multiple workshops to create proof of concepts and pilots to initiate a smooth cloud journey without causing financial or technical debts to Texans. 

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