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IRM Agency Checklist

DIR has provided an Agency Checklist for Information Resource Managers (IRMs) to help in reminder of duties and roles for their position.

*This checklist is a pilot document and is subject to change

Policy Template and Examples

DIR has provided an example of its internal Policy Management Guide and different policies from other state agencies and institutions of higher education.  Below are the examples and a brief description of each type of policy:

  • Software Currency-  to help agencies reduce the use of unsupported software and decrease security vulnerabilities in state agency IT systems.
  • Data Management- to develop and execute policies and procedures that properly manage full data management for the needs of an agency.

DIR Pilot Programs and Initiatives

The 2016 State Strategic Plan for Information Resources suggests agencies participate in pilot offerings that exemplify the business value of shared services to meet the goal of cost-effective and collaborative solutions. DIR is currently facilitating the following pilot projects for agency participation. Representatives who would like their agency to participate in any of the pilot projects should email the DIR contact noted below.





​Cybersecurity Bulk Purchase Initiative

​HB 1, Article IX, Rider 9.11 (84th Legislature) requires DIR to coordinate cybersecurity purchases to achieve additional cost savings through a coordinated bulk purchase. DIR has been working with both agencies listed in the Rider and volunteer agencies to identify network security hardware and software requirements for the bulk purchase initiative.  Based on agency input, DIR has identified categories of cybersecurity products to be considered for the bulk purchase to aggregate purchases for cost savings (note: managed services and lease options are not part of this initiative).

​Open, accepting agency volunteers

​Google Imagery

​In partnership with Texas Natural Resources Information System, DIR established a GIS managed service through the state’s DCS program that allows any state agency or local government to access statewide, high-resolution aerial imagery hosted from the Google Cloud Platform.

​Open, accepting agency volunteers

​Business Analytics and Reporting (BAR)

​HB1890 (84th Legislature) authorizes DIR to launch a Business Analytics & Reporting pilot program with a limited number of state agencies to validate solution options and structure.  The goal of the pilot of to provide executive management better insight into organizations’ data and improve the business decision making process.  The knowledge and considerations learned in the pilot effort will enable development and procurement of a business analytics platform program to be offered on a statewide basis.

​Open, accepting agency volunteers

​Application Portfolio Management (APM)

​DIR supports legacy modernization efforts, and is piloting an application portfolio management services initiative to ensure data collected in the legacy study remains current and accurate.

Closed to new participants​


Most Commonly Used Internet Browsers

​The 84th​ Legislative Session passed House Bill 855 which requires each state agency and publicly-funded institution of higher education that has a generally accessible website to ensure compatibility between that website and the most commonly used internet browsers, as identified by DIR.  

View the list of Most Commonly Used Internet Browsers and frequently asked questions about website compatibility.​

What about Microsoft Edge and previous browser versions?

Microsoft Edge is considered a distinct browser from Internet Explorer, and is not currently identified as one of the most commonly used browsers. We encourage each agency to use their website-specific traffic analytics to determine which browsers are most commonly used to access their website, and ensure compatibility appropriately. As a rule of thumb, an agency should continue to maintain compatibility with a previous version of the most commonly used internet browsers until that browser version accounts for less than 10% of total website traffic.


​IT Policies, Guidance, & Additional Resources



​Domain Name Management Policy - PDF (673 KB) | Guidance regarding Internet Domain Management​March 2015 (revised)
​State Website Linking & Privacy Policy​ - PDF (113 KB) | Provisions for State Websites​March 2015 (revised)
Cloud Services Guide - PDF (631 KB) | Resources for when Considering Cloud Services​December 2014
Telework in Texas -  PDF (159 KB) | Results from the 2014 Telework Survey of State Agencies​August 2014
Tablet Study - PDF (768 KB) | Recommendations for Procuring Tablet Computers​March 2014
Videoconferencing Guidelines - PDF (317 KB) | Technical and Operational Standards ​November 2013
Social Media Resource Guide​ - PDF (675 KB) | Tools and Strategy for Government Social Media​February 2013
PC Life Cycle Guidelines - DOCX (121 KB) | Guidelines for Establishing PC Life Cycles​February 2013 (revised)
Cybersecurity - PDF (399 KB) | Texas Cyber Risks and Statewide Cybersecurity Collaboration​​April 2012
Cloud Computing - PDF (130 KB) | Efficient Service Delivery via the Internet​​​March 2012

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