When you think of the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), your first thought may be contracts or DIR-provided services like CCTS, TEX-AN or certain Information Security services. In this Resources section, however, we provide additional useful tools and guidance to help government entities and institutions of higher education fulfill their many statutory requirements:



  • Domain Name Registration. Guidance and instructions for state agencies and counties on how to register a domain name.
  • EIR Accessibility. Accessibility-related information, including agency roles and responsibilities and EIR Coordinator roles and responsibilities, a broad list of tools and resources such as online tutorials, and more.
  • Enterprise Solution Services. The Enterprise Solution Services (ESS) division’s mission is to provide Texas state agencies with strategic information technology guidance built on enterprise architecture, standards, collaborative communities, and awareness of technology initiatives.
  • Information Resource Managers (IRMs). IRM standards and practices, roles and responsibilities, continuing education requirements, and other useful resources.
  • Statewide Project Management. Project management guidance including Project Delivery Framework templates (for “major” technology projects) and PM Lite templates (for small-to-medium-scale projects under $1 million).
  • Statewide Data Coordination. Texas Open Data Portal and more.
  • Strategic Planning and Reporting. A roadmap to the state’s technology goals, access to relevant reports, including the State Strategic Plan, Biennial Performance Report, and more, plus guidance for completing agency reports.
  • Information Security.​ Products and services to help protect critical information resources


  • DIR Calendar. Upcoming event
  • Event Materials. Available materials from selected DIR programs, staff presentations and events
  • DIR Basics Series. Video clips of webinars, along with the slides used in the presentations, that provide an overview of DIR's programs and resources

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