You can learn more about a variety of technology related topics by collaborating with others on-line and with our government related partners. 

Email Discussion Forums

Several electronic discussion and announcement lists provide forums to post, learn about and discuss issues of mutual interest with others.

Application Developers - APP-DEV  

This discussion list fosters dialogue and collaborative opportunities and facilitates knowledge sharing among application development leaders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

DIR Telecommunication Customers - Telecom Customer Mailing Lists 

These mailing lists for customers of the Texas Agency Network (TEX-AN) and the Capitol Complex Telephone System (CCTS).

Electronic and Information Resources (EIR) Accessibility - DIR-Accessibility Discussion List

Electronic and Information Resources (EIR) Accessibility means providing electronic information and services through multiple ways so that communication is not contingent on a single sense or ability. This is a responsibility shared by all. Join the DIR-Accessibility discussion list for information and dialog on EIR Accessibility policy, technology, training, tools, and other important topics / issues related to improving inclusiveness to government information and services via the internet. DIR-Accessibility shares information via the DIR-hosted DIR-Accessibility discussion list and organizes periodic meetings, webinars, or educational events. Membership is open to government and non-government personnel.

Information Technology Professionals in Texas Government - DIRTECH 

A discussion list to seek advice from other government IT staff regarding technology problems, post training opportunities, discuss technical issues, request referrals or opinions about IT products and services and share resources and expertise.

Project Managers in Texas Government - TX-PM Project Management

A list that allows project managers in Texas government to share information and to collaborate with their peers regarding: project management processes, techniques, and methodologies; project management training opportunities; referrals or opinions about project management products and services, roles and related processes.

Training Coordinators or Trainers - DIRTRAIN 

A discussion list to seek advice and referrals from other government staff regarding training issues. Subscribers post training opportunities or needs, discuss issues involving training, education, e-learning, request referrals or opinions about products and services, share resources and expertise and announce meetings and events.

Texas Information Sharing and Analysis Organization - TX-ISAO

This distribution list allows security or IT staff at state and local government, and private sector organizations the ability to receive security news, alerts, and events happening that are relevant to your organization.


Related Governmental Partners

Mid-Size Agency Coordinating Council (MACC) promotes communication and education on issues affecting state agencies with between 100 and 799 full time equivalent staff positions.

Records Management Interagency Coordinating Council (RMICC) reviews the activities of member agencies, studies other records management issues, and makes biennial reports to the Governor and Legislature. It also adopts policies that coordinate the members' records management activities and makes other improvements to state records management.

State Agency Coordinating Committee (SACC) examines administrative and management practices, reviews problems or issues that have an impact across agency lines, and encourages and fosters management practices that are beneficial and cost effective for all state agencies. The group is a voluntary association composed of representatives of 17 specific agencies. SACC meetings are held quarterly, except during the legislative session, when they are held monthly. Meetings of the committee are open to designated representatives, subcommittee chairs, and invited guests.

SACC Subcommittees play an important role in this multi-agency association. Some subcommittees are open to representatives of state agencies or institutions of higher education.

  • Finance Subcommittee
  • Human Resources Subcommittee
  • Internal Audit Forum (SAIAF)
  • IT Subcommittee – monthly meetings; participation limited to designated representatives and invited guests.   
  • Legal Affairs Subcommittee
  • Public Information Subcommittee
  • Purchasing Subcommittee
  • Training and Development Subcommittee – monthly meetings; open to representatives from any Texas state agency or institution of higher education

TASSCC (Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications) partners to advance education and networking among professionals supporting Information Technology for the Texas public sector.

Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) assists state agencies and local governments in establishing and implementing records and information management programs. TSLAC service areas include Records Center Storage, Imaging and Micrographics, and Records Management Assistance for Local Governments and State Agencies.

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