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We understand that for many organizations, managing technology can be a challenge with limited resources and money. That’s why our Shared Technology Services (STS) exists: so you can treat IT as a service instead of an internal project. We’ll help you secure high-quality IT services that are suited to your needs - empowering you to allocate more resources to your mission. 

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Which services do you need?

STS includes a set of managed IT services that Texas government organizations can use to accelerate service delivery.

Data Center Services (DCS)
Outsource infrastructure technology management to reduce costs, improve security, and improve reliability.
Data Center Services (DCS)
Managed Security Services (MSS)
Outsource security services, meet legislative security requirements, mitigate risks, and fill skillset gaps within a secure computing environment.
Managed Security Services (MSS) is the state’s official digital government program.
Open Data Portal (ODP)
A secure data sharing environment to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, increase transparency, and foster citizen engagement.
Open Data Portal (ODP)

Shared Technology Services at a Glance

The STS program takes care of all operational issues such as change management and service level agreements, letting government entities focus on their mission in serving Texans. With STS, entities no longer need to make a choice between delivering on their mission or delivering state-of-the-art IT services. STS enables both.

Data Center Services Customer Satisfaction (December 2020)
18 Million
transactions annually through
~500 datasets
published on the Open Data Portal

Why STS?


STS saves time and money, with competitively procured vendor contracts in place and ready to go.


Entities choose the services they need today and add additional ones as needs evolve, all through the STS marketplace that makes it easy to provision services and requests.

Peace of Mind

All of STS services prioritize the security of their environment.

Solutions & Services

Find out more about the active contracts for the Solutions and Services through the STS program below. Click on the contract link to access the contract documents, contact information, and contract term dates.

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For more information on the STS program, contact:

Tere Shade

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