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What is Managed Security Services? 

Managed Security Services (MSS) is an offering within DIR’s Shared Technology Services program to provide strong and consistent management of state data security. IT Security is an increasingly critical priority for state and local governments, requiring heightened awareness to malicious threats and an expanded focus on the technology protecting sensitive information. In addition to ensuring secure computing environments, government entities are under never-ending requirements to meet rising constituent needs, do more with less, and increase the value they deliver to the public. 

 Whether a state, local, municipal, higher education, or other DIR eligible customer, MSS assists in consolidating security services, meeting legislative security requirements, mitigating security risks, and filling gaps in skillsets to provide a secure computing environment for your business and to deliver more effective services for your constituents. 

Some of the major benefits provided by the MSS program include:  

  • Security Monitoring and Device Management Services.  This service provides cybersecurity reporting, eyes-on-glass services to analyze cyber alerts generated for the customer’s environment.  MSS provides defense against cyberattacks on governmental entities. 

  • Incident Response Services.  When faced with a potential breach or security incident, MSS provides security experts to evaluate, respond, and remediate the situation. Unlike most industry security response services, Texas governmental customers do not need to pay an ongoing subscription prior to the incident. Texas customers simply request immediate assistance for MSS support.  MSS experts then engage to determine the services required – and begin providing services – either on-site or remotely.  

  • Risk and Compliance Services.  These services help you meet your compliance obligations for security and privacy regulations.  They are provided by security experts who have helped customers reduce the risks of data breaches and provide actionable recommendations for improving security.  Some of these services include: 

Managed Security Services is delivered through a contract between the Texas Department of Information Resources and AT&T. All DIR customers including state agencies, institutions of higher education, and local government entities are eligible to use the Managed Security Services contract.  

DIR charges a fee of 2.75% of the customer’s monthly invoice (service provider charges) to recover costs associated with managing the MSS program.

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