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The Texas Department of Information Resources ensures that government entities—including institutions of higher education, public colleges and universities—can find and implement the most secure, powerful, and cost-effective technology available.

Technology Rules for Insitutions of Higher Education

DIR rules can be found in Title I Part 10 of the Texas Administrative Code.

Institution of Higher Education Definition

A university system or institution of higher education defined by §61.003, Education Code

Resources for Institutions of Higher Education

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Higher Education and Strategic Planning

The Information Resources Management Act (Texas Government Code, Section 2054.91-094) requires DIR to prepare a state strategic plan for information resources management each biennium. The plan identifies technology goals for state government over the next five years and guides agencies as they develop their agency strategic plans.

In preparation for this report, DIR convenes an advisory committee, which by rule, must include representatives from institutions of higher education. The perspectives of higher education entities is critical to the development of the state strategic plan. For more on this initiative, see the Strategic Planning and Report section of our website. 

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