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DIR has established a Cooperative Contracts Purchasing Program which offers a wide range of product offerings, services and technology solutions.   We’ve done all of the preliminary procurement work, so you can focus on finding the right technology solution for your organization.

Out-of-state public entities are welcome to purchase through DIR as long as an Interstate Cooperation Agreement (ISC) is established. We rely on the Interlocal Cooperation Act, §791.025 to document these transactions.

Interstate Cooperation Agreement (ISC)

Before purchasing any technology commodity, out-of-state public entities must have an executed Interstate Cooperation Contract (ISC) with DIR

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Establishing Statute
Public entities outside of the state of Texas are eligible to purchase from our Cooperative Contracts program, per TGC 2054.0565
Establishing Statute
Interstate Cooperation Agreements (ISC)
Find out more about current active ISCs by State.
Interstate Cooperation Agreements (ISC)

Interstate Cooperation Agreement

The Interstate Cooperation Agreement (formerly Interlocal Cooperation Agreement) allows for:

  • Controlling law to be the law of your state,
  • You to define the venue for litigation,
  • You to define dispute resolution procedures.

The ISC enables you to purchase from any contract available through the Cooperative Contracts program.

Before purchasing any technology commodity, out-of-state public entities must have an executed Interstate Cooperation Contract (ISC). Please view the list, (organized by state), below to determine if your organization already has an agreement in place with DIR.

Establishing your Organization's ISC:

Follow the steps below to request for an ISC to be established for your organization.

Step 1: Determine your organization's Eligibility

Find out more about the types of Customers that are eligible to purchase through DIR.

Step 2: Download the fillable PDF form

Interstate Cooperation Contract - PDF (231 KB)

Step 3: Fill in each section that is required

Sections necessary for your organization to provide will include:

  • Information about your organization
  • Term dates
  • Governing Law and Other Representations
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Point of Contact
  • Signature Block

Step 4: Submit your ISC Form request

Please submit your completed and signed agreement to

Step 5: DIR review and establishment of ISC

DIR will review your ISC Form request and may reach out with any questions. Expected processing times are 3-5 business days. Once your ISC has been established, you will find your completed ISC here.

Step 6: Welcome to DIR!

Once your contract terms have been established, find out more about the products and services available in the Cooperative Contracts program, or start exploring contracts here.


Use the form below to request your ISC

.pdf (230.59 KB)
Last Updated: 08-31-2021

Interstate Cooperation Contract/Interlocal Cooperation Contract (ISC) Fillable Form Request

Contact Us

For questions regarding the ISC Process, filling out the ISC Form, or current ISCs, contact us.

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