Major Project Criteria

​Which Project Management Tools/Templates Should I Use?

The Project Delivery Framework is designed for major, large-scale IT projects. PM Lite is designed for projects that are small-to-medium, shorter term, and not necessarily IT related (e.g., process improvement, infrastructure installations, organizational change, etc.). 

If your project meets the criteria below, you are required to use the Project Delivery Framework.

Criteria for a "major" project  

TGC 2054.003 (10)​​

"Major information resources project" means:

(A) any information resources technology project identified in a state agency's biennial operating plan whose development costs exceed $5 million and that:

(i) requires one year or longer to reach operations status;

(ii)  involves more than one state agency;  or

(iii)  substantially alters work methods of state agency personnel or the delivery of services to clients;  and ​

(B)  any information resources technology project designated by the legislature in the General Appropriations Act as a major information resources project.​

If your project does not meet the criteria above, it’s likely that yours is a small-to-medium-scale project, which means you may be able to use the PM Lite templates or another framework of your own. 

For more help determining whether yours is a major project requiring the Project Delivery Framework: