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Web scanning program

Access University to state agency employees and state funded institutions of higher education

Take advantage of free online training and tutorials

Join EIR accessibility organizations and user groups

DIR provides a web scanning program and an EIR accessibility learning management system to state agency employees and state funded institutions of higher education at no cost.  

EIR Accessibility Web Scanning Program 

DIR's WCAG 2.0 Web Accessibility Scanning Program provides free accessibility and QA scanning of up to 150 pages of agency public websites at no charge to participating agencies.  

To start using the program download and sign the WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Web Scanning Enrollment Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Find more information about the tool and training at Siteimprove Academy

EIR Accessibility Learning Management System 

Enrolling in courses at Access University from Level Access is easy. Send your first name, last name, and State of Texas email address to support@levelaccess.com. Within 3 business days you will receive a confirmation email stating your account has been created and be given log in instructions. If you don't receive that info within 3 business days, please contact support@levelaccess.com 

Access University is role based, with content that addresses accessibility topics for a multitude of positions where IT accessibility plays a role. For more information go to the Level Access website and review the Access University Informational Brochure.  

Other Online Training and Tutorials 

Although EIR compliance can be complex, many software companies and organizations offer online tutorials that can help. 

Community and User Groups 

Check out these organizations for learning and networking opportunities.  

  • Subscribe to the DIR-Accessibility Discussion List to join a forum for sharing and discussing policy, technology, and other issues related to improving access to government issues and services via the Internet. 

  • Austin Adobe Users Group offers training and networking opportunities related to web and multimedia design and development.  

  • Refresh Austin is an organization for web professionals. Monthly meetings are held to discuss creative, technical, and professional aspects of the trade. 

  • Techlunch is a networking group supported by the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities. The group holds monthly lunch meetings and hosts a Google Group to share technology related information, issues, and current events. 

  • WAI Working Groups address developing accessibility guidelines and provide a forum for discussing web accessibility issues. 

  • WebAIM provides resources, services, and articles to help make web content accessible to people with disabilities. 

  • Meetup provides resources and discussion for high technology professionals interested in accessibility and inclusive design. 

  • Guide to Software Accessibility for the Disabled  is a resource for those who are seeking software that is accessible to people with disabilities.  

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