TX-RAMP Request

Only cloud computing services, as defined by Government Code Section 2054.0593 are within scope for TX-RAMP.

Agency Submissions via SPECTRIM

The Statewide Portal for Enterprise Cybersecurity Threat, Risk, and Incident Management (SPECTRIM) is the mechanism by which agencies can request assessments or submit notification and information for provisional certifications.

Agencies and institutions of higher education will submit requests using TX-RAMP Assessment Request in SPECTRIM.

To learn more about SPECTRIM, visit the SPECTRIM page. To view other TX-RAMP resources, see the TX-RAMP Resources Library.

Vendor Submissions via TX-RAMP Assessment Online Format Request

Cloud Services Providers will submit requests using the TX-RAMP Assessment Request in SPECTRIM. You will need to create an account to access the form:

Once an assessment has been launched, Cloud Service Providers will manage their assessment via the Vendor Portal

TX-RAMP Provisional Certification Extension Request 

The TX-RAMP Program Manual permits DIR to grant extensions to provisional certification under certain conditions. Please use the following form to submit a provisional certification extension request: TX-RAMP Extension Request

Requests are granted at the discretion of DIR. Please refer to the TX-RAMP Program Manual for additional information concerning provisional certification extensions.


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