DIR Launches Texas Cyberstar Certificate Program

May 4, 2022
Cybersecurity News
The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) announced today the launch of the Texas Cyberstar Certificate Program, a new voluntary certificate recognizing public and private organizations that meet established criteria for cybersecurity best practices.

The Cyberstar Certificate Program, established by Texas Government Code Section 2054.5181, is open to any Texas organization that certifies compliance with 12 requirements that were selected by the Texas Cybersecurity Council and the Texas Cybersecurity Coordinator. To obtain the certification, organizations will need to certify they have taken actions such as:

  1. Execute a leadership declaration that affirms security as a priority,
  2. Develop and routinely update security policies that align with the organization’s security priorities,
  3. Ensure employees annually complete a cybersecurity training program, and
  4. Develop and test an incident response plan.

The list of Texas Cyberstar Certificates will be published on the DIR website (Texas Cyberstar Certificate Program | Texas Department of Information Resources) and entities may use the certificate in marketing materials.

For more information, visit www.dir.texas.gov or contact [email protected]       

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