DIR Recognizes Executive Director Amanda Crawford as Chief Information Officer for Texas State Government

November 10, 2020
DIR News
Austin – The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) today recognized Executive Director Amanda Crawford as Chief Information Officer for Texas state government and congratulated John Hoffman on being named Texas’ Deputy Chief Information Officer.

The Texas Government Code bestows the position of Chief Information Officer on the executive director employed by the Department’s board, a position Executive Director Crawford has held since February 2019.

"It is an honor to lead a front-line agency whose technology services and technical support assure Texas government can function at its best," said Executive Director Crawford. "I am grateful to the board for their continued faith in my leadership and will continue to work with the DIR team to provide Texans with the high standards of innovation and customer service they deserve."

Crawford has been serving Texans with distinction her entire career. She joined the Office of the Attorney General in 1999 and held various leadership positions in that agency during the intervening years, including Deputy Attorney General for Administration and General Counsel, Associate Deputy Attorney General for Legal Counsel, General Counsel for the OAG, and Chief of the Open Records Division.

DIR was also pleased to announce that John Hoffman, DIR’s Chief Technology Officer, has been chosen to serve as Deputy Chief Information Officer for Texas state government.

"I have tremendous confidence in this team. They are uniquely positioned to lead the state’s IT strategy as we face the growing opportunities and challenges of government today," said Chairman Gatzke.

Mr. Hoffman joined the DIR team in 2010. As Chief Technology Officer, he oversees comprehensive strategic planning and performance reporting on the state's technology efforts, as well as numerous contracts and services DIR offers. With over 30 years of experience in technology-sector operations, management, strategic planning, integration, and sales, he is an excellent fit for the Deputy CIO position.

"Agencies and public sector entities across Texas are driving new and innovative IT solutions to meet their customers’ expectations. I am thrilled to be a part of DIR’s leadership to provide secure, effective, and efficient technology during this powerful transformation," said Mr. Hoffman.

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