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One of the most critical reports that DIR generates is the State Strategic Plan (SSP) for Information Resources Management. Think of the SSP as the mechanism that drives technology innovation at state agencies and institutions of higher education.

The strategic goals defined in the SSP provide a roadmap for agencies to follow when developing the Information Technology components of their Agency Strategic Plans.

View the 2022-2026 State Strategic Plan on the Texas Open Data Portal:

Based on the expertise of our own IT professionals, as well as collaboration with stakeholders like you, the 2022-2026 SSP identifies four strategic goals that will affect technology decisions for the next five years:​​​​


  1. Reinforce risk-based security practices, including continuous prediction, prevention, detection, and response to cybersecurity threats.
  2. Form a resilience mindset and a vigilant organizational culture through cybersecurity education and training.
  3. Develop regional approaches to cybersecurity engagement and response.
  4. Create scalable, integrated tactics for cybersecurity based on cost-effective cybersecurity tools.


  1. Strengthen data governance by implementing best practices, appointing dedicated data management staff, and maturing data management programs.
  2. Enhance data security and privacy with strong controls based on risk and legal requirements.
  3. Facilitate better decisions by adopting flexible analytics that provide leaders with business-oriented data.
  4. Foster a data-sharing culture where open data is readily available, enabling state leaders and the public to make data-driven decisions.


  1. Develop a vision and strategic road map that reimagines how Texas government delivers services.
  2. Conduct a collaborative review of agency goals, business processes, and technology to understand the current level of maturity.
  3. Understand what Texans need and expect from their government, so that state IT leaders can procure and implement human-centered applications.
  4. Promote mobile-first digital experiences that allow Texans to seamlessly access all government services.
  1. Prioritize investing in platforms and projects that support emerging technologies and help accelerate legacy modernization.
  2. Develop flexible and adaptable approaches to procure and implement the innovative technologies needed to meet the modern demands of Texans.
  3. Identify opportunities to deploy emerging technologies that improve the day-to-day delivery of government services.
  4. Develop a resilient workforce that can adapt to emerging technologies and new concepts of public sector work.

​How Collaboration Determines the Statewide Technology Strategic Goals

DIR develops the goals through collaborative measures, including:

  • Convening an advisory committee of public and private industry technology professionals.
  • Surveying CEOs, CIOs, and Information Resource Managers (IRMs) in state agencies and institutions of higher education.
  • Consulting multiple stakeholders and subject-matter experts.
  • Conducting in-depth research and analysis of top technology trends and priorities impacting both government and the private sector around the country.

2022-2026 State Strategic Plan Advisory Committee

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