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Designate an EIR Accessibility Coordinator

Learn about EIR Accessibility Coordinator responsibilities

Designate an EIR Accessibility Coordinator

Texas state agencies and institutions of higher education are required to designate an EIR Accessibility Coordinator.

Designation Process

State agencies and institutions of higher education shall inform DIR within 30 days whenever the EIR Accessibility Coordinator position is vacant, or a new/replacement EIR Accessibility Coordinator is designated. (See 1 TAC 213.)

The Information Resources Manager or head of the organization can designate an EIR Accessibility Coordinator using this online form.

To name a joint EIR Accessibility Coordinator to serve more than one agency or university, complete a separate form for each organization. Indicate which organization will serve as the primary contact.

Roles and Responsibilities of EIR Accessibility Coordinator

EIR Accessibility Coordinators provide leadership and guidance, ensure compliance, and promote EIR accessibility for their organization. DIR administrative rule does not specify mandatory requirements for the position, as functions will vary based on the size of the agency. Each agency should identify the specific job duties of their EIR Accessibility Coordinator.


  • Recommend best practices for EIR accessibility for new and existing technologies
  • Identify and provide advice for EIR accessibility criteria and tools
  • Facilitate the EIR accessibility exceptions process
  • Work with procurement staff to ensure accessibility requirements are incorporated into EIR procurement processes
  • Plan, monitor, and coordinate EIR accessibility activities
  • Develop EIR accessibility strategies and implementation plans

Ensuring Compliance

  • Develop and maintain policies, procedures, guidelines, and tools that meet the requirements of 1 TAC 206, 1 TAC 213, and TGC 2054.451
  • Work with staff to develop compliance plans, corrective action plans, and resolve EIR accessibility issues, such as inaccessible websites
  • Develop and implement processes for the public and staff members to report EIR accessibility issues
  • Report EIR accessibility status and progress to management and conduct studies and research projects as needed
  • Respond to Texas Department of Information Resources' EIR Accessibility Survey as part of the Information Resources Deployment Review

Promote EIR Accessibility

  • Build support for EIR accessibility among staff members and stakeholders through presentations, training facilitation, and consultation on accessibility-related topics
  • Identifies EIR accessibility training needs and develops training plans to meet those needs

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