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"The Texas Cybersecurity Council represents the acknowledgement that cybersecurity initiatives cannot rely on government alone. The members of the council come from all areas of the public and private sectors, state agencies, public and private higher education and private businesses in Texas. This unique organization has the capability to shape Texas' cybersecurity posture by enabling communications between public and private sectors in Texas, matching the needs of Texas businesses to curriculum in Texas high schools and colleges and working with veterans groups to ensure Texas businesses and government agencies can retain Texans leaving military service."


The Texas Cybersecurity Council is created by the Department of Information Resources to develop enduring partnerships between private industry and public sector organizations to ensure that critical infrastructure and sensitive information are protected, to develop a cybersecurity workforce to protect technology resources from increasing threats, and develop strategies and solutions that ensure that Texas continues to lead in areas of cybersecurity.


The objectives of the Texas Cybersecurity Council are in accordance with Section 2054.512, Government Code, and subsequent amendments and include:

  • ​Establishing the criteria and priorities for addressing cybersecurity threats to critical state installations;
  • Consolidating and synthesizing best practices to assist state agencies in understanding and implementing cybersecurity measures that are most beneficial to the state;
  • Assessing the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of the existing information technology and cybersecurity workforce to mitigate and respond to cyber threats and develop recommendations for addressing immediate workforce deficiencies and a long-term pool of qualified applicants;
  • Providing recommendations to the legislature on any legislation necessary to implement cybersecurity best practices and remediation strategies for the state.


In 2012, the Texas Cybersecurity, Education, and Economic Development Council released the "Building a More Secure Prosperous Texas" report, focusing on increasing the development and impact of the cybersecurity industry within the state. In 2013, the 83rd Legislature amended Chapter 2054 of the Texas Government Code, expressly creating the Cybersecurity Coordinator and granting the Cybersecurity Coordinator the authority to create the Texas Cybersecurity Council.

Membership Structure

The Council membership is composed of participation tiers that limit the leadership and decision making authority to a select and specific group defined as Council Members, and a broad and open participation group defined as Council Partners. The Council will be led by the Cybersecurity Coordinator, as designated by the Department Executive Director.  The Council will elect a Vice-Chair that will fulfill the duties of the Chair if for any reason the Chair is temporarily unavailable.  If the Vice-Chair cannot fulfill his or her term for any reason, the Council will elect a new Vice-Chair.  The Department's Executive Director retains the authority for designation of the Cybersecurity Coordinator/Council Chair should for any reason the role require a replacement. Applications are currently being accepted for a Higher Education representative from a state technical, community or junior college.

Interested in being a part of the Texas Cybersecurity Council? Complete a Texas Cybersecurity Participation Application and submit to the Council.  Applicants that meet the needs of the Council will be contacted directly.

Reference Materials

Council Charter  –​ PDF (280 KB)

Authorizing Legislation

Senate Bill 1102

TCEEDC 2012 Report, "Building a More Secure and Prosperous Texas"​ –​ PDF (1,716 KB)

Supporting Programs

The Texas Cybersecurity Council relies on new and established programs to support the goal of developing a cybersecurity workforce.


CyberPatriot, a youth cyber education program, was developed by the Air Force Association (AFA) to educate children and young adults about cyber and prepare them for careers in cybersecurity and similar fields. This program offers highly competitive national competitions, camps and elementary school programs educating students about online hygiene and preparing them for the future of cyber.

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