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For general inquiries or to provide feedback about any DIR program or service, you may use either our online form or our general information access line:


You may also refer to our list of DIR program area contacts below.

To see all career opportunities, see our Careers page.

To apply for open positions, please visit CAPPS

Equal Opportunity Employer, to request reasonable accommodations
Call 512-463-5920.

Contract Management:

Contract Services:

HUB, Outreach and Trainings:

Procurement Services:

For all other contract questions:
Contact the DIR contract manager listed on the contract detail page.

Have Project Delivery Framework questions?
Contact DIR at projectdelivery@dir.texas.gov

Project Delivery Framework - Educational Tools and Resources
Problems viewing the posted documents
Contact the DIR Public Information Officer at 512-463-5193

Have PM Lite questions?
Contact Program and Portfolio Management Office at ppmo@dir.texas.gov

To request a domain name, see Domain Name Registration

To make your approved domain name visible on the Internet
Email DIR technical team

Have questions?
Email the Domain Name Registrar

Contact the Statewide Accessibility Coordinator or call 512-463-6186.

To learn more and to engage ESS, contact:
Krishna Edathil, Director, Enterprise Solution Services

Call 1-855-ASK-DIR1 (1-855-275-3471)

To learn how to become a HUB vendor
Visit the Comptroller of Public Accounts Statewide HUB Program or the Statewide Procurement Division or contact them by phone at 512-463-4000

Have questions?
Lynn Hodde, HUB Coordinator,  lynn.hodde@dir.texas.gov or 512-463-9813
Or send an email to dir.hub@dir.texas.gov

Network Security Monitoring, Alerting and Analysis Services
To learn more contact: security-alerts@dir.texas.gov

Network Intrusion Prevention Services
To learn more contact: security-alerts@dir.texas.gov

Controlled Penetration Testing ordering
Contact DIR at dirsecurity@dir.texas.gov

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning (WAVS) ordering
Contact DIR at dirsecurity@dir.texas.gov

Vulnerability Scan ordering
Contact DIR at dirsecurity@dir.texas.gov

DIR Cybersecurity Newsletters mailing list
To request to be added to the Newsletter mailing list, send an email to DIRSecurity@dir.texas.gov

Please email your questions, request for previous IRDRs or IR Corrective Action Plans to irdr@dir.texas.gov.

If you have any questions about PM Lite, please contact the Program and Portfolio Management Office at ppmo@dir.texas.gov​ or call 512-463-0424.

For questions about file formats, DIR’s Privacy and Security Policy, Linking Policy, or other site policies see the DIR Site Policies page.

To request to receive and review the information collected via electronic format through this website Contact DIR with your request.

State Agency Coordinating Committee (SACC)

If you have any questions about SACC
Contact Chair

Mid-Size Agency Coordinating Council (MACC)

If you have any questions about MACC
Contact Maggie Freeman, Chair 
Phone: 512-475-3163 
email: maggie.freeman@gov.texas.gov

To join the SISAC or associated SISAC subommittees, contact DIRSecurity@dir.texas.gov  

Security Email Distribution List
For questions about requesting to join Security Officer List or the Security List, email The Office of the CISO

Have eligibility questions?
Email telecom.solutions@dir.texas.gov or call 512-463-7800

Have exemption questions?
Email telecom.solutions@dir.texas.gov or call 512-463-7800

General Billing Inquiries, Billing Resolution, or for assistance with downloading FTP text files
Email DIR Telecom Billing telebilling@dir.texas.gov. Or, call us at 512-936-4357 or toll-free at 877-472-4848

Customer Mailing Lists (LISTSERV) questions
Call us at 512-936-4357 or toll-free at 877-472-4848

Billing for Other Telecom Services
If additional assistance is required after you’ve contact your vendor, please contact the DIR Telecom Solutions Team at telecom.solutions@dir.texas.gov


CCTS Telephone Coordinators
To find the name of your coordinator call DIR at 512-305-9100

CCTS Telephone Directory printed copy
Contact your agency telephone coordinator or call us at 512-936-6676 or send an email to directory@dir.texas.gov

State Operator Services
Call 512-463-4630 for assistance with directory information in the Austin area within the capitol complex

CCTS Voice Mail Services questions and training inquires
Email CCTS Work Group at cctswork@dir.texas.gov OR call 512-305-9100

How to Order CCTS Services
Email CCTS Work Group at cctswork@dir.texas.gov OR call 512-936-4357 (select option 1, then select option 2)


TEX-AN Voice & Data Services information, about selecting services and assistance
Email DIR Telecom Solution Design Representative team at telecom.solutions@dir.texas.gov or call us at 512-936-4357 or toll-free at 877-472-4848 option 4, then option 2

Email DIR Telecom Solution Order Representative team at telecom.solutions@dir.texas.gov or call us at 512-936-4357 or toll-free at 877-472-4848 option 4, then option 2

How to Order TEX-AN Voice or Data Services and check order status
Email DIR Telecom Solutions team at telecom.solutions@dir.texas.gov or call 512-936-4357 or toll-free at 877-472-4848

Media Requests

All media and press requests for DIR should go through the Public Affairs Office:

Email media@dir.texas.gov or call 512-475-4704.

Public Information Act Requests

Requests for records pursuant to the Public Information Act may be submitted by clicking on the following link: DIR's Public Information Management and Tracking System.

If you prefer to fax, mail, or hand deliver your Public Information request, please use the below contact information: 



DIR Main Office

300 West 15th St., Suite 1300
Austin, TX 78701

DIR Mailing Address

P.O. Box 13564
Austin, TX 78711-3564

Ask DIR? Question, Comment, or Feedback

Please DO NOT submit requests for records pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act (open records requests) via this page.

Contact DIR


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