Texas Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (TX-ISAO)

Improving Texas cybersecurity posture through collaboration and education.

In accordance with Texas Government Code Section 2054.0594, DIR created the TX-ISAO to provide a forum for entities in Texas to share information regarding cybersecurity threats, best practices, and remediation strategies. 

The TX-ISAO is open to any entity in Texas, including state agencies, local governments, public and private institutions of higher education, and the private sector.

By joining the TX-ISAO, you will have access to intelligence and educational opportunities, and be able to participate in information sharing.

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Reporting Threats or Cybersecurity Incidents

To report a cyber threat to the TX-ISAO for possible research and dissemination, click “Submit threat report”.  Reported threats are researched by various members, including the Texas Department of Information Resources, Texas A&M University System, University of Texas at San Antonio Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security, and University of Texas at Austin. 

In addition to threats, Section 11.175 of the Education Code requires school districts and charter schools to report any cyber-attack or other cybersecurity incident that constitutes a “Breach of system security” in which student information that is sensitive, protected, or confidential, as provided by state or federal law, is stolen or copied, transmitted, viewed, or used by a person unauthorized to engage in that action.  To report a cyber-attack or cybersecurity incident in accordance with Section 11.175 of the Education Code, submit a Local Government Incident Report.  For detailed instructions, please click here.

TX-ISAO Portal

TX-ISAO members have access to the TX-ISAO Portal which provides an efficient and secure method to share indicators of compromise (IOCs) and other actionable intelligence, and contains current threat bulletins, a library of archived bulletins, and upcoming events. Members are also to share best practices, lessons learned, and insights through the portal. 

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TX-ISAO Portal User Guide

Join the TX-ISAO

Join the TX-ISAO to receive intelligence and educational opportunities, and to participate in information sharing.

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