DIR Posts Market Notice for Shared Technology Services

July 21, 2023
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Procurement Notices
The objective of this market notice is to inform the vendor community that the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) intends to release multiple Requests for Offers (RFOs) for Shared Technology Services (STS) contracts beginning fall 2023.

Many of the STS contracts share the same initial term and optional renewal dates. Procuring and implementing all awards at the same time introduces additional risks for DIR, STS customers, and the state; therefore, DIR intends to sequence the solicitations, awards, and implementations in a manner that mitigates those risks.

DIR will initiate a smaller number of procurements each year rather than conducting all procurements simultaneously. In order to implement this sequencing, DIR may solicit and award certain STS contracts prior to exercising all renewals and or extensions available to DIR under the current contracts. DIR’s sequencing is based on the overall best value to the state and is not a reflection on the performance of any incumbent vendor. In state fiscal year 2024, DIR intends to release RFOs for Managed Security Services, Public Cloud Manager, and Texas.gov Application Services.

Prior to posting an RFO, DIR may conduct briefings or otherwise engage the vendor community to prepare for the RFO release.

Vendors are encouraged to watch the Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) at https://www.txsmartbuy.com/esbd and Schedule of Solicitation Opportunities at https://dir.texas.gov/it-solutions-and-services/selling-through-dir/schedule-of-solicitation-opportunities under the Selling Through DIR page at https://dir.texas.gov/it-solutions-and-services/selling-through-dir for future communications from DIR.

NOTE: The posting of this market notice is for vendor awareness purposes only. This notice in no way obligates DIR to issue the referenced RFOs, nor does it obligate DIR to extend any STS contracts. Further, DIR does not guarantee the issuance of any RFO nor that the information contained in this market notice will remain unchanged upon issuance of any RFO.





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