Other Telecom Services

Other Telecom Services for All State Government Agencies (including Capitol Complex)

DIR contracts with vendors to provide Other Telecom Services such as wireless, conferencing and managed services. All state agencies are eligible. Since pricing is negotiated with the full-volume buying power of the State of Texas, we’re able to show you highly competitive rates and service levels.

NOTE: DIR-negotiated contracts are a starting point. You have the freedom to negotiate an even better rate with your chosen provider.

Wireless Services include:

  • Mobile satellite voice equipment (satellite phones)
  • Pagers
  • Wireless equipment (cellphones, smartphones, accessories, wireless air cards, etc.) 
  • Wireless voice and data services

Conferencing Services include: 

  • Audio conferencing: An audio communications session among three or more people. Sessions occur through telephone/conferencing service providers.
  • Video conferencing: A real time video session between two or more users.
  • Web conferencing: A conferencing session via the Internet using either a Web application or an application downloaded onto client machines. Web conferencing may allow collaborative Web browsing, file transfer, and application sharing.
  • Webcasting: A multimedia, one-way, presentation via the Internet that can reach large audiences.

Managed Services include: 

Managed Services is the management of customer-owned equipment or vendor-provided equipment.  Management of the following technologies can be supported either in a hosted or non-hosted environment:

  • Management of call-processing architecture
  • Call Center or Contact Center Services
  • IVR/Auto-Attendant
  • Phone Systems Management (PBX, key system, etc.) or Integration
  • Network Optimization
  • Management of Voice and/or Data Networks

For information on how to order Other Telecom Services including Wireless, Conferencing, or Managed Services, visit our Contracts & Services section.