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IRM classification level and training requirements

Core knowledge areas for IRM continuing professional education (CPE)

Reporting CPEs annually

Reference for IRM continuing education

Guidance for completing and report continuing education

To comply with the continuing professional education requirements, an IRM must:

  1. Complete a minimum number of hours of qualified training/education every fiscal year
  2. Complete an initial set of required topics within two years of being designated IRM
  3. Report the completion of qualified training to DIR by August 31 each fiscal year

IRM Classification and CPE Requirements

The number of annual CPEs each IRM is required to complete is based on the agency’s biennial technology budget.  

IRM Classification Biennial Technology Budget CPEs Required Each Fiscal Year
IRM Level 1 Less than $100,000 None
IRM Level 2 $100,000-$999,999 12 hours
IRM Level 3 $1,000,000-$9,999,999 18 hours
IRM Level 4 $10,000,000-$20,000,000 24 hours
IRM Level 5 More than $20,000,000 30 hours

Core Knowledge Areas

An IRM should consider the core knowledge areas when planning for professional development. Within these broad areas, IRMs should select educational activities that best suit the need of the agency as well as their own level of expertise.

  1. Strategic Planning and Policy
  2. Managerial and Leadership Competencies
  3. IT Performance Assessment
  4. Project/Program Management
  5. Capital Planning, Investment Assessment, and IT Acquisition
  6. Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
  7. IT Controls
  8. IT Topics and Trends

IRM Continuing Education Guide

To learn more about core knowledge areas and IRM continuing education requirements, download the IRM Continuing Education Guide.

Reporting CPEs Annually

IRMs are required to report the completion of qualified training to DIR by August 31 of each year via DIR’s online portal. Report your CPE hours here.

Detailed instructions for using the IRM CPE application to report hours. can be found in the CPE Entry Instructions.

The CPE Mapping Form can be printed or saved as a document and offers an easy way to organize and record event details for later entry.

References for Completing and Reporting CPEs

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Information Resources Managers (IRMs)
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