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Reporting Sales and Payment of Admin Fees

DIR values the relationship with vendors, but in order to capture the value that is being delivered through our contracts, vendors are a vital component.

Vendors with contracts to sell through DIR are obligated to:

  • Submit monthly Vendor Sales Report (VSR) of sales for DIR customers
  • Pay admin fees based on your contract

Why is this data important to DIR?

This cumulative data is used to inform state budget decisions and future legislation, as well as future contract requirements. DIR gathers and reports the types of goods and services purchased by DIR customers and calculates overall cost savings.

VSR Portal

Access the VSR Portal (link below) to upload your monthly submission. Each contract is allowed five (5) contacts to report on behalf of your company. Contact your Contract Manager listed on your Contract Page to set this up. If you're having issues logging in to the VSR, contact [email protected].

For assistance with VSR sales reporting errors please contact [email protected] and provide your DIR contract number in the subject line of your email.

Did you know?

Three (3) late VSRs in a 12 month period may be flagged for late fees. Continual non-compliance may result in suspension/termination of your contract.

Appendix A: Standard Terms & Conditions

Review your contract documents for full requirements for submitting VSRs and remitting payments for Admin Fees

Quick Links

VSR Portal
Access the VSR Portal to download templates based on your contract type, submit your monthly VSR, and review statuses of submissions
VSR Portal
Customer Eligibility
Based on your contract, you may need to determine if the sale is eligible based on Customer eligibility.
Customer Eligibility
Upcoming Training Webinars
DIR hosts monthly training webinars specifically for VSR and Admin Fee Payments. Contact us for an invite!
Upcoming Training Webinars

VSR Basics

  • Monthly reports are due on the 15th of the month following the month of sales
    • Example: VSR for sales during the month of January (1-31st) are due February 15th.
  • VSRs can be reported at any time between the 1st and 15th
    • Start early!
    • Do not alter templates provided on the VSR Portal
    • Reference the User Guide for instructions and troubleshooting
    • Be sure the report is in Accepted status
    • Estimated admin fee on the Portal is for reference only. Do not pay based on this estimate.
  • VSRs are based on sales invoiced with a sales date during the month
  • Reports are required even if you have zero sales
  • Late sales may be assessed $100 per day up to $1000 per contract.
  • VSRs are subject to audit by DIR or the State Auditor's Office (SAO) or other designated entities.

Admin Fee Basics

  • Admin fees are calculated based on your VSR and the Admin Fee percent based on your contract
  • After your VSR has been processed, DIR will send an email in the following month with your final admin fee. Do not pay until you see our email! 
  • Month Close email with your final admin fee is sent by the 10th of the following month
    • Example: VSR submitted for January will have the month close email and final admin fee by March 10th.
  • Remitting Payments:
    • ACH Payment or Check
    • ACH Payment is highly recommended for speed, accuracy, and the information related to payment
    • Fill out the following ACH Payment form (found in Resources section below) to get ACH authorization.
  • Payments are due by the 25th of the month when the final Admin fee email is received. 
    • Example: Payment for January Admin Fees are due March 25th
  • Download and send to DIR at [email protected] the Admin Fee Remittance form (found in Resources section below) each month to assist in applying your payments

Vendor Sales Reporting (VSR) User Guide

Detailed guide for using the VSR Portal, template instructions, and error troubleshooting instructions.

DOCX (38.18 KB)
Last Updated: 04-15-2021

DOCX (51.72 KB)
Last Updated: 11-28-2023

Form to sign up and register for ACH Payment authorization.

.pdf (2.95 MB)
Last Updated: 06-28-2023

Vendor Sales Reporting (VSR) Portal User Guide and Administrative Fee payment guide.

Contact DIR for VSR Submission Issues

Our team is here to help to make sure that your VSR is accepted and properly formatted.

VSR Submission Support

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