Data Center

DIR provides consolidated data services to public entities, primarily state agencies, through an award-winning multi-vendor model.

Folders storing computer dataTo govern responsibly, proficient data management and security is essential.

For instance, during disasters, citizens rely on the ability of state agencies to react at a moment’s notice. This requires uninterrupted accessibility to data. At the same time, state agencies are trusted with citizens’ private information. This requires security.

In an effort to strengthen both, the Legislature saw an opportunity to consolidate the data centers of state agencies into two state-of-the-art data centers. This has made information more easily retrievable, helped simplify technology upgrades, and improved disaster recovery capabilities.

What is the Texas Data Center Services program?

The Data Center Services (DCS) program, overseen by the Texas Department of Information Resource (DIR):

  • Enables Texas state agencies to share costly data center infrastructure, reduce focus on IT operations, and therefore concentrate on their core business
  • Provides mainframe, server, network, data center, and print/mail services
  • Delivers services in legacy agency data centers while consolidating operations to the two regionally diverse state data centers
  • Supports most of the largest state agencies, while providing the flexibility to deliver services to smaller customers as well. 

How DCS Works

Reducing costs by sharing infrastructure

The DCS program enables state agencies to access data center computing as a managed service, rather than owning hardware, software, and hiring staff to operate and maintain IT infrastructure at an individual agency level.​

Encouraging participation in the decision-making

The DCS program uses a shared governance model that engages customer agencies at all levels of decision-making. Customer agencies are divided into five partner groups that choose representatives to serve on governance committees and solution groups. This apman pointing to digital screen of chartsproach enables standardization and encourages communication across the enterprise. 

In fact, our governance model recently won special recognition in 2014 from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO).​

Multivendor model

Data center services for mainframes, servers, networks, print and mail, and data center operations are provided by multiple service component providers under the coordination of a single services integrator. The services integrator acts to standardize processes and to provide service level management, service desk support, project management, disaster recovery, and financial management services.

Built specifically for government needs 

DCS services are built for government, with government’s unique needs as part of the standard offering:

  • Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policy
  • Employee background checks
  • Detailed chargeback to specific programs and funding sources

How the DCS Program Helps State Agencies Work Smarter

room of serversReporting at your fingertips

  • Detailed, real-time operational reports
  • Customer-specific asset, service level agreement (SLA), availability, and capacity reporting
  • Online invoice with billing trends and drill-down to server level for individual charges​

Technology strategy and implementation guidance

  • Supporting service levels and performance requirements
  • Ensuring project designs are consistent with existing implementations and SLAs
  • Integrating changes into management, monitoring, and reporting structures
  • Monitoring IT industry trends and providing briefings on technology topics of interest

DIR Fees and Responsibilities

Data Center Services are procured through DIR, which provides ​statewide leadership and oversight for management of information and communication technology for all state agencies and universities.

DIR provides contract management and oversight functions for DCS contracts, including: 

  • Serving as a liaison and escalation point between customer agencies and the service providers
  • Interpreting the contracts on behalf of the state
  • Processing invoices and payments

DIR has Interagency Contracts (IACs) with participating agencies delineating the services and terms of the relationship between agencies and DIR.

DIR charges a fee of 2.95% of the customer’s monthly invoice (service provider charges) to recover costs associated with managing the program.

For more information about DCS services, see DIR Shared Technology Services.

​Information and Feedback

For general inquiries, or to provide feedback about any DIR program or service, please use our online form or call our general information access line: 1-​855-ASK-DIR1 (1-855-275-3471).

Download our informational piece on Texas Data Center Services: Effective Solutions for Today's Government (PDF).

See TGC 2054 and HB 1516​ for legislation information regarding the DCS program.​

See more information on the DCS Service Provider Contracts.​