State Agency Coordinating Committee (SACC)

The primary purpose of the State Agency Coordinating Committee is to examine administrative and management practices, opportunities for improvement, potential risk areas, and other issues with relevance across agency lines. SACC members will strive to discuss and share information regarding best practices, technology solutions, and other ideas considered beneficial and cost-effective for state agencies and stakeholders.

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SACC Bylaws
Last Updated: 11-08-2023

FY 2024-2025 Meeting Schedule

SACC meetings are held on a quarterly basis (November, February, May and August).  During the legislative regular session, meetings may be held in March and April.  The schedule for FY 2024-2025 is as follows:

  • November 9, 2023

  • February 8, 2024

  • May 9, 2024

  • August 8, 2024

  • November 14, 2024

  • February 13, 2025

  • March 13, 2025

  • April 10, 2025

  • May 8, 2025

  • August 14, 2025

FY 2024-2025 Meeting Schedule 

SACC Agency Member Representatives and Chairperson Schedule

The deputy director of each member agency, or a person of similar rank appointed by the chief executive officer, represents the agency on the State Agency Coordinating Committee. The chairperson will serve two-year term beginning September 1st of the odd-numbered year.

SACC Agency Member Representatives

SACC Chairperson Schedule


There are nine (9) SACC subcommittees.

SACC Subcommittee Chairs

SACC Subcommittee Bylaws

SACC Subcommittee Email Addresses

Finance Subcommittee

Human Resources (HR) Subcommittee 

State Agency Internal Audit Forum (SAIAF)

Information Technology (IT) Subcommittee

Legal Affairs Subcommittee

Purchasing Subcommittee

Training and Development (T&D) Subcommittee 

Records and Information Management Subcommittee

Quality, Process Improvement and Innovation

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